In Ruins Cover Final

Ashdan can’t remember who she is or where she comes from. The only thing she knows is how to kill. But when she’s commanded by the King to assassinate the Crown Prince, memories spark and allegiances to the crown begin to crumble.

Following the death of his twin, Aedrian finds himself the head of Jesimae’s criminal underworld – something he never wanted. When he breaks into the Palace to save his lover and collect his mind-wiped sister, he and his companions find themselves once more on the run with Crown Prince Emyr – this time, to stage a coup.

Get ready for Book II’s release in June 2020!


Twins, Aedrik and Aedrian, and their younger sister, Ashdan, are the youngest to rule the criminal world of Western Jesimae in living memory. Aedrik’s defeat of the previous Rogue at only twenty-two has become legend in that part of country even just a few years later. King Besian’s alliance with their enemy ruling over the East has forced them to hatch a treasonous plot: to kidnap the Crown Prince and ransom him for information. The annual Royal Progress has provided the perfect opportunity. In a devastatingly unexpected betrayal, their plans are suddenly thrown to the winds and they are forced to improvise. Who could make their closest friend turn against them?

Three half-magic siblings. A kidnapping resulting in a tentative friendship. A dizzying network of treachery.

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