Flash Fiction #2

In order to exercise my writing muscles with something other than the world of Jesimae, I’m going to start posting short bursts of fiction, called “Flash Fiction,” as often as possible.

Flash Fiction #2

My hands itched and tapped against my desk while I tried to focus on work. Only two hours to go. I could do this. At least, I hoped I could do this. Minutes ticked by and now my feet were tapping too. What was happening?

Just when I thought the sensation in my hands would become unbearable, something in my mind snapped. A trap door dropped open and they all came tumbling out–characters, back story, laws of magic and man, epic twists, deadly turns. My hands reached for the keyboard I had been avoiding for the last ten minutes and began to type of their own accord. 

The phantoms that had burst forth from my mind danced along my hands, pulling my fingers in every which way, trying to place them faster and faster on the desired keys. Pretty soon, my fingers grew weary and the phantoms themselves began to move slower and slower. They crawled up my arms and shoulders, locking themselves back into my head for the time being. They chittered and pushed and shoved one another until they were all hidden once more.

Only five minutes had passed, but I had somehow managed to empty my mind of everything that had been trying to get out. I placed my fingers back on the keyboard, this time fully in control. I opened up my to-do list and found that everything seemed almost manageable again, like nothing had ever happened. As I worked through my list, I would occasionally feel a little *tap, tap, tap* on that door, but I was not going to be the one to open it–at least, not here. Not yet.

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