Final Version of New Cover Artwork!

Here it is, folks! I’m nearly jumping with joy! I can’t believe it turned out so well!


Another quote to celebrate:

“Aedrian cleared his throat. ‘If you don’t mind, Highness, we’re in a bit of a time sensitive situation. If you could just point us to the nearest exit…what are you doing?’ Emyr had begun pulling on his travel clothes when Aedrian started speaking and was finishing buckling his sword belt.

‘I’m coming with you, obviously. My father has gone insane for some unknown reason that I suspect has to do with Lorraen—’ They all winced at the mention of her name. ‘—And has been trying to keep me sedated in my rooms since I got back. Until I can figure out a way to help him recover, I have the feeling that it is safer to get as far away as possible.'”

-Chapter 3 (name TBD), In Ruins