I finished and submitted the final manuscript of Jesimae tonight, guys! I couldn’t be more thrilled and a little panicked. If you happen to be one of the beautiful people who has preordered it, bless you. I love you for supporting my dream.

If you’re planning on ordering it (and preordering is still available here), thank you! *hugs*

That being said, this is my first full length novel and due to time constraints I’ve done all of the editing myself. I went over everything scrupulously, but if you find something when those precious words land in your Kindle app on October 21, please, please, please, email me through my website with some constructive–yet kind–criticism. Even the great Stephen King had room to improve after his first novel, so I’m holding out hope.  🙂

I can’t believe it’s finally here. And just in time for Halloween (which we all know is the best holiday, I mean, just look at what’s on TV this month)!

I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it and happy New Year to all those celebrating!

Here’s a quote to tide you over:

“They came from above. Ashdan had only half been expecting it and barely managed to get her weapon up in time to block the first savage attack. Other men weren’t so lucky, but Emyr had apparently been looking upward and praying to the gods just before because two of them were already beheaded at his feet. She stopped worrying about him and slashed with her dagger, missing, but driving the thing that attacked her farther away. It turned and jumped on one of the men.”

-“Ancient Anger,” Jesimae

SOON TO COME: I will also be releasing a print version of the book within a couple weeks of the ebook release date. More updates on this to follow.