In Light of This Week’s Events…an excerpt

An excerpt from my novel that I thought was particularly appropriate this week. Keep in mind it’s still pretty rough. Ashdan had kidnapped Crown Prince Emyr to ransom him for information. Passing through the desert on their way to a stronghold in the mountains, they were attacked. After fighting off a group desert raiders together, they are facing some confusion as to where the other stands:

Ashdan couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t sitting there staring at her, or trying to kill her. Either would have been preferable to his calm practicality. Her disguise was completely gone and the glyphs that marked her as something other than human stood out starkly against her damp skin. Their impromptu swim in the river had washed away any chance she had of hiding.

Finally, ringing out his shirt, he turned to her. “Why didn’t you just let them take me? Wouldn’t that have made your life easier?”

She snorted. “Hardly. I have plans for you that don’t involve you dying. Why aren’t you running away from me in terror? Or at least to get away? Most people who see my kind don’t want to get within ten feet.”

Now it was Emyr’s turn to snort. “I am going to be king one day–that is, assuming you let me live. If that is to be, I must lead all my people. Not just the ones society deems appropriate. I do not see a purpose in alienating some of the most talented, powerful, and useful members of our land just because their culture is misunderstood or they have markings on their skin.” He fell silent, contemplating an argument he’d clearly had before. “As for getting away, I think you’ve more than proved that’s not an option.”

Ashdan didn’t want to respect him–she had a job to do–but she couldn’t argue that he would make a great leader someday. It was better to focus on the fact that he was the fifth person ever to see her true face and live. The four others were family. Something would have to be done about that…

With everything that happened over the past weekend, I found this when I was going through making edits and thought I needed to share it. Hate is not healthy or useful. Not a single person benefits from it–not even the one doing the hating. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the families who have lost loved ones. May they live on forever in our hearts. ❤

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